Tulsi Vivah Day: Yagya for Harmonious Partnership/Yagya to Find a Suitable Partner

Please Register by November 1st Yagya for Happy Marriage/Partnership & Yagya to Support Finding a Suitable Partner on Tulsi Vivah Day November 4 – 5, 2022 1 Pundit/1 Day Tulsi Vivah Yagya $75 and 1 Pundit /2 Day Tulsi Vivah Yagya $125
Tulsi Vivah Day: Perfect Marriage/Partnership Yagya and Yagya for Finding a Suitable PartnerOn Tulsi Vivah day love and devotion between partners is celebrated through a special yagya that ceremonially marries the Holy Basil plant (Tulsi) to Lord Krishna.Our pundits will be performing individual Tulsi Vivah yagyas on behalf of couples to enhance devotion, peacefulness, purity, compassion and love in your marriage/partnership. This yagya can also be performed for single persons wishing to increase their support in finding a suitable partner.The sponsorship for the one day/one pundit yagya is $75 for couples or individuals. Two day/one pundit yagya is also available for $125
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