Hanuman Protection & Dhanvantari Health Yagyas on Oct. 22 and 23, 2022

Two Group Yagyas Oct. 22 & 23, 2022One Low Sponsorship Fee!Health & Longevity Yagya on Dhanvantari Day Oct. 22, 2022Courage & Protection Yagya Hanuman Day Oct. 23, 2022Indiv. $55 / Couple $101 / Family of Four $151
Hanuman Courage & Protection Yagya on Oct. 23 Hanuman Chalisa Yagya promotes Protection, Victory, Fearlessness and Courage. Hanuman was Lord Rama’s devoted servant and he derived great courage, strength, valor and success in all his undertakings from his unwavering devotion and purity of purpose. Throughout the world Hanuman is called upon for protection from calamity, for protection from disease and mishap.
Our pundits will perform the Hanuman Chalisa Yagya on Oct. 22 -Hanuman Jayanti Day- for the protection and strength of all of our yagya participants.

Dhanvantari Perfect Health & Longevity Yagya on Oct. 23 In the Vedic Tradition, Dhanvantari is the Cosmic Physician and the Originator of the Holistic Health Knowledge of Ayurveda
Yagyas are traditionally performed on Dhanvantari day to ensure good health and to prevent disease. It is an auspicious day to perform yagya for recovery from sickness or surgery. This year, Dhanvantari day is on Oct. 23 and our pundits will be performing an 11 pundit group Health Yagya.
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