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Welcome to our website, my name is Marie Bhavana Viglas

I coordinate yagya services of Bhavana Pujan Kendra. As a prospective client... of our Vedic Astrology and Yagya Services, I want to give you my promise of excellent service.

I have been coordinating yagyas for clients around the world with our esteemed Vedic astrologer and pundits for more than 15 years. I travel to meet with our pundit groups in Madhya Pradesh, India regularly.

I often participate in the yagyas in India and represent our international clients in the yagya performance. Our pundits and vedic astrologer work closely with me to provide high-quality service to our clients.


Ms. Marie Viglas, M.Sc. Vedic Science
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Mahalakshmi Wealth & Abundance Group Yagya July 15, 2024

July 15, 2024 Auspicious Lakshmi Navami Day Enjoy Blessings from Mahalakshmi Sponsorship : Individuals $41, Couple $65 and Family of 4 $101 Mahalakshmi Navami is a special day for blessings…

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Vishnu Protection Yagya on July 7, 2024

Lord Vishnu Group Yagya Protection and Success in Spiritual and Material Life July 7, 2024 Jagannath Rath Yatra Day Sponsorship Individual $41/ Couple $65 / Family $101 The Jagannath Rath…

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Saturn Retrograde Group Yagya June 29, 2024

Saturn Retrograde Group Yagya on June 29 for Protection of Finances, Relationships, Health Sponsorship: Individual $41 / Couple $65 / Family $101 Saturn will be retrograde from June 29 –…

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helps disadvantaged women and children of India

By participating in our yagya services, you help support programs for widows and children in India. For more information, kindly visit

Feedback From Our Clients and Students

My life is much smoother since my yagyas were performed!! Peaceful and no more accidents!! Im feeling balanced and calm within. Im happy and grateful.  My relationship is no longer strained, we are in a nice flow with each other. J.I. California

I am doing really well since my yagyas. The whole experience was so deep and really profound. I felt such a huge shift in my anxiety around the current relationship I am in. I feel that something was released from my whole body. It was a big transition and I really felt the shift once the yagya was completed and wanted it to continue! I felt so solid and protected. And I still do. I am so grateful!!!

S. H., California

"I have had yagyas performed with several pundit groups. Bhavana Pujan Kendra strives consistently to do interesting, cutting-edge yagyas, including emphasis on powerful locations for performance. Several times, I've noticed breakthroughs in difficult situations as a result of these yagyas. Good vibrations!"

P.W., Indiana

"Receiving support of nature in all aspects of one's life makes life joyful, fulfilling and fun. I have had group and individual yagyas from Bhavana Pujun Kendra for many years and I am now on the daily yagya program. I am grateful for this extra support in my life and feel a 'spiritual boost' from the stream of divine love and protection flowing into my awareness." L.E., Indiana

L.E., Indiana

"I have had many yagyas performed by Bhavana Pujan Kendra for me and my family, and have been supremely satisfied with each one. I will continue to utilize Bhavana Pujan Kendras yagya and Jyotish services as often as possible. Theyve had a balancing and very positive impact on me and my family. In addition, Ive had a number of Jyotish readings that have been extremely helpful; one in particular helped me make the right career choice at a critical time! I wholeheartedly recommend their excellent services!"

N.K., Kansas

"When I ordered my first yagyas I had no idea what to expect. I chose to go with the jyotish recommendations for two planetary yagyas and a business yagya which is what I was the most interested in. To my surprise I received a referral for the largest client we have the next day after the business yagya was finished. It took a couple of weeks for all of the details to come together but it was definitely a miracle that came out of nowhere. I have since done more yagyas and every time I do, I get back at least 1 client that is a larger monthly profit that is bigger than the once off yagya donation. The greatest benefit is the fact that I am calmer about the direction of my business and that I have total belief and peace about my career and business." - A.S., Colorado

A.S., Colorado

"I have had good results from the yagyas with Bhavana Pujan Kendra. I have experienced more self-confidence and good fortune in life. The service and support have been excellent. I have developed a high level of confidence in the recommendations of the vedic astrologer."

H.S., California

"We have taken part in many yagyas over the past several years through Bhavana Pujan Kendra. Their influence can be subtle to relatively dramatic in terms of subjective experiences of well-being, as well as positive outcomes on the material level manifesting as some form of career, financial, networking or other support or opportunity. Simply put, based on our experience, yagyas work and bring a positive influence or benefit to one's life in the here and now."

D.J, N.Y

Let’s Work Together in Nurturing Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Be enlightened and inspired by letting divine energy fill your day-to-day life. You can start by signing up for any of our programs to experience the fulfillment and happiness that yagyas bring.

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