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Warm wishes and welcome to our website! As a prospective client of our vedic astrology and yagya services, I want to give you my promise of excellent service. I have been coordinating yagyas for clients around the world with our esteemed vedic astrologer and pundits for almost 10 years. I travel to meet with our pundit group in Madhya Pradesh, India regularly and we work together to provide high quality service like: vedic astrology consultation, Puja service, maharishi yagya programs etc…..Read More

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Ketu is a malefic planet according to Vedic Astrology. Ketu transited into the sign of Sagittarius in March. The transit of Ketu will have influence for career, business and finance depending on your Moon sign. Propitiating Ketu through yagya helps to protect the individual from Ketu‘s negative effects of obsessive, compulsive and unconscious behavior. A balanced Ketu bestows tendencies to seek and attain enlightenment. Spiritual tendencies, […]

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Akshaya Tritya Day of Everlasting Achievement May 7, 2019 Register online at www.bhawnayagya.org Our pundits will be performing special intention yagyas on May 7. Choose from the intentions below: Sponsorship Costs for Special Intention Yagyas on Day of Lasting Achievement 1 pundit : $71* 3 pundits : $131* 5 pundits : $211* 11 pundits : $351* […]

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Yagya for Divine Insight and Spiritual Awakening Sponsorship Costs Individual $41/ Couple $65 /Family $101 Adi Shankaracharya was a great Master and Enlightened Sage. In his lifetime he enlivened and safe-guarded the ancient tradition of Vedic Knowledge that we enjoy today. He cognized many beautiful and enlightening mantras and hymns. On May 9, Shankara’s birthday, […]

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"I have had yagyas performed with several pundit groups. BhavanaPujan Kendra strives consistently to do interesting, cutting-edge yagyas, including emphasis on powerful locations for performance. Several times, I've noticed breakthroughs in difficult situations as a...."