Shankaracharya Birthday Yagya for Spiritual Progress, Wisdom and Knowledge May 12, 2024

Yagya for

Divine Insight, Knowledge &

Spiritual Awakening

Sponsorship Costs

Individual $41/ Couple $65 /Family $101

Adi Shankaracharya was a great Master and Enlightened Sage. In his lifetime he enlivened and safe-guarded the ancient tradition of Vedic Knowledge that we enjoy today. He cognized many beautiful and enlightening mantras and hymns.

On May 12, Shankara’s birthday, our pundits will be performing an 11 pundit yagya based on Shankara’s Nirvana Shatakam also known as the Shivo’ham Stotram. This powerful text when used in a yagya wakes up our inner nature which is Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

We warmly invite you to participate in this new yagya offering. Register on line by clicking the provided links or reply to this email. We advise early registration as our group yagyas fill up quickly.

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