Lakshmi Narasimha Group Yagya May 21, 2024

Lakshmi/ Narasimha Yagya

For Protection & Removal of Negativity

on Lord Narasimha Birthday

May 21, 2024

Group Yagya

$41 Indiv. / $65 Couple / $101 Family

May 21st-Special Day for Cleansing Negative Influences
Lord Narasimha was an avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He destroyed the demon Hiranyakashipu who was deemed indestructible by gods and men.For ages, Narasimha has been invoked for protection and to prevail over situations of great negativity.This year Lord Narasimha birthday is May 21 and we are offering a group Lakshmi Narasimha yagya . The intention for the group yagya will be cleansing of negative influences. Participation in the group yagya is on a first come/first served basis and registration will close when filled. Register online by clicking the registration links below or email Thank you for participating in our programs!
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