House Blessing & Cleansing yagya on July 13, 2023

Vedic House Blessing and Cleansing Yagya

July 13, 2023 on

Kamika Ekadashi Auspicious Day

One Day/ 2 Pundit

Home or Office Blessing Yagya $125

Bhavana Pujan Kendra is pleased to announce that our pundits will be performing House/Office Blessing & Cleansing Yagyas- on July 13, 2023. The yagya uses specific Vedic mantras that support good health, happiness and karmic cleansing for living and working spaces

The pundits will be performing individual yagya for your specific home or office space. This in a one day yagya performed by two pundits.

We welcome you to clear negative energies from your dwelling or work space and create an atmosphere supportive of health and well-being. Register online or email us at

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