Guru Purnima Yagya and Moon Planetary Yagya on July 3, 2023

Two Special Opportunities for July Full Moon

July 3, 2023

Full Moon Planetary Yagya for Clarity & Peace of Mind


Guru Purnima Divine Spirituality & Enlightenment Yagya

Enjoy Both Yagyas with Discount:

Individual $65 / Couple $110 / Family of 4 $165

July 3 is the divine full moon day of Guru Purnima – Day of the Divine Teacher. The full moon in July is very special day for devotion and spirituality. Each year on this day, it is traditional to honor teachers and gurus. We seek the blessings of our teachers- those on the earthly plane and those who have ascended to spiritual realms. It is also the day to enliven our own inner Guru or teacher so that we may be guided effortlessly towards all of our goals. It is a great day for a Moon Planetary yagya as well. So we are offering both!

Our pundits will be performing a special Guru Purnima Yagya that will include Masters of the Holy Tradition puja, Nine Planet Puja, Lord Vishnu & Shiva Puja, Rudrabhishek and Seven Rishis Puja.

Our pundits will be also performing a Moon Planetary Yagya for mental clarity and peace of mind and to balance the Moon energy in the chart.

We welcome you to enjoy either or both yagyas! The discount sponsorship fee for both yagyas is $65 for individuals / $110 for couple and $165 for family of four.

If you prefer to select one or the other then the sponsorship fee is $41 for individuals / $65 for couple and $101 for family of four.

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