Women’s Yagya May 19, 2023

Vat Savitri Women’s Yagya
1 day/1 pundit yagya $75
1 day/3 pundit yagya$151
Promote Harmony in Relationship
Secure Health & Protection of Partner
Blessings for Inner & Outer Beauty
Finding a Suitable Life Partner

Vat Savitri is a yearly Vedic holiday for women. Vat Savitri Day is named after Savitri an enlightened woman rishi of ancient times who saved her husband from death by her great spiritual power.

Yagya on Vat Savitri supports the following intentions:

  • Perfect harmony in your relationship 
  • Inner and outer beauty and grace 
  • Longevity, good health and protection for your partner
  • Finding a Suitable Life Partner

We are offering two options: 1 day/3 pundit yagya $151 and 1 day/1 pundit yagya $75 on May 19, 2023

 Registration is kindly requested by May 15th.

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