Sun Yagya to Counteract Sun & Saturn Planetary Fight Feb. 14, 2023

Sun Group Yagya on Feb. 14, 2023

for Positive Planetary Support

Sun & Saturn in Aquarius Create Unrest & Tension


Individual $41 / Couple $65 / Family $101

Our pundits are organizing another Sun Yagya on Feb. 14, 2023. This yagya will provide support for peace and harmony as the Sun and Saturn enter into a planetary fight. This starts when the Sun moves into Aquarius starting on Feb 13, 2023 and continues through March 15, 2023. The negative influence is more pronounced until March 6, 2023.

This yagya will support peace and harmony in the family, workplace, society and world peace. This time period will be sensitive for world harmony.

The Sun is a slightly malefic planet according to Vedic Astrology. In the chart, the Sun signifies ego, Self, soul, inherent characteristics and power. In the body it rules over the head, brain, heart, arteries, voice.

A balanced Sun bestows self-realization, self-esteem, power, balanced ego, good status in life and resistance to disease.

Our Sun Planetary Group Yagya on Feb. 14, 2023 will enhance the positive qualities of the Sun and protect from any negative influences from an afflicted Sun in the chart. Anyone can participate in and enjoy the benefit of this Sun yagya… regardless of their chart or current planetary period. 

The yagya sponsorship fees for the Sun planetary yagya are $41 for individuals, $65 for couples and $101 for families.

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