Spring Mother Divine Group & Individual Yagyas March 22-30, 2023

Navaratri Spring Mother Divine Days Are Here!

March 22- March 30, 2023

Enjoy Blessings of Wealth & Health on the

Auspicious Days of Mother Divine- Navaratri!

Mother Divine Days Are Here!

Invitation to Enjoy Wealth & Success Yagyas

9 Day /1 Pundit Mother Divine Yagya

March 22 – March 30, 2023

Individual $195, Couple $250, Family $275*

3 Day/1 Pundit Mother Divine Yagya

March 22 -28, 2023

Family*, Couples and Individuals $151

1 Day/1 Pundit Mother Divine Yagya

March 29, 2023

Individual and Couple $75

Group Mother Divine Yagya on March 30

Indiv. $41 / Couple $65 / Family $101

Mega Super Power Mother Divine Yagya Options

5 Day/6 Pundit Wealth and Financial Gain Yagya

March 22 – 26, 2023 $651

9 Day/6 Pundit Wealth & Financial Gain Yagya

March 22- 30, 2023 $975

*Family sponsorship includes up to four total people.

The twice-yearly festival of Mother Divine invokes the blessings of Maha Durga destroyer of all impurities and giver of power, Maha Lakshmi the giver of spiritual and material wealth and Maha Saraswati the bestower of wisdom and creativity. All three of these aspects of Mother Divine are needed in life for success and happiness.

We welcome you to schedule your own Mother Divine yagya to enliven success, wealth and happiness in life! Email us at bpkendra@gmail.com or register online by clicking below. Thank you!

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