Mahalakshmi Wealth & Abundance Day Yagyas Oct. 24, 2022

Mahalakshmi Day Wealth Yagyas
Three Options:
21 Pundit Royal Group Wealth Yagya Oct. 24
Individual $51, Couple $75, Family of Four $151
1 Pundit Midnight Wealth Yagya Oct. 23-24
Individual/Couple/ Family of Four $175
Royal Ashtalakshmi Eight Forms of Wealth Yagya
8 pundit /12 day yagya Oct. 24 to Nov. 4 $2100(see details below)
Mahalakshmi Deepavali days are the divine days of the year when the qualities of Mahalakshmi the Goddess of Abundance & Wealth are lively to grant material and spiritual blessings.We have three yagya options available so everyone may join in this festival of light, grace and flowing wealth.
The Royal Group Wealth Yagya will be a one day yagya performed by 21 pundits. Sponsorship is $51 Individual / $75 Couple / $151 Family of four.
The 1 pundit Midnight Mahalakshmi Yagya is an individual yagya performed just for you. It is an all-night yagya. Midnight is the most powerful and special time for Lakshmi Wealth Yagya. This yagya is $175 for individual, couple or family of four.
Finally, our Royal Yagya offering for Mahalakshmi days is an 8 pundit/11 day Eight Forms of Lakshmi Wealth Yagya. This yagya invokes Lakshmi to bestow all forms of wealth: Business success, income, comfort in life etc.Online payment for all three options is available HERE. Or contact Marie at to register
**Extra Special Royal Wealth Yagya**
Ashtalakshmi Eight Forms of Lakshmi Wealth Yagya
8 pundits /11 day yagya from Oct. 24- Nov. 4 $2100
Gain Lakshmi’s Blessings in 8 Key Areas of Life: business success, wealth, comforts and luxury, good food, happiness from children, victory over rivals, work progress, wisdom, more income/less debt
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