Lord Shiva’s Month Special Blessings July 22- Aug. 18, 2024

Invitation to Participate!

Lord Shiva’s Special Month

July 22 – Aug. 18, 2024

Blessings of Health, Happiness, Peace of Mind Especially Supported During This Month

Three Ways To Participate

  • Daily Rudrabhishek Inner Peace & Well-Being
  • Daily Mahamrityunjaya Health Yagya
  • Special Opportunity! 1 Day/1 Pundit Individual Linga Bhairavi Maha Yagya For Peace, Happiness & Health and Remove Fear & Obstacles in Life $151 (indiv, couple or family of 4)

Shravan Month is Lord Shiva’s Special Month for blessings of health, happiness, and peace of mind. It occurs annually in July-August.

Our pundits have three options to choose from for this special month: Rudrabhishek Daily Yagya or Mahamrityunjaya Daily Yagya. And new offering of Linga Bhairava Yagya for removal of fear and obstacles.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are already enrolled in our daily Rudra or Mahamrityunjaya yagya- you are already included for Lord Shiva’s month.

Daily Rudrabhishek Yagya for Perfect Health, Peace of Mind and Inner Bliss

Month : Individual $125 / Couple $150 / Family of 4 $195

Daily Mahamrityunjaya Yagya for Perfect Health and Longevity

Month: Individual $125 / Couple $150 / Family of 4 $195

1 Day/1 Pundit Linga Bhairavi Maha Yagya to Remove Fear & Obstacles in Life $151. Includes Rudrabhishek for Inner Peace, Health and Happiness and Red Sindoor Yagya for Bhairavi the feminine aspect of Lord Shiva to remove fear and obstacles

Here are some of the special benefits especially supported by during Lord Shiva’s Shravan month.

1. Good health & longevity

2. Peace of mind and inner bliss

3. Spiritual progress

4. Harmony and prosperity

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