Kamadhenu Wish-Fulfilling New Moon Yagya Jan. 11, 2024

Kamadhenu Wish-Fulfilling Yagya

Cow Puja on New Moon Day

Jan. 11, 1024

“Gain Vedic Blessings of Abundance & Happiness and Support the Ashram Cows”

Individual Puja $45/ Couple $65 / Family $95

n the Veda, the cow is given special importance because it is said that all the the Vedic Gods and Goddesses reside inside the cow. By tradition, the cow is the fulfiller of all desires.

We are offering our monthly Kamadhenu Cow Puja on Jan. 11-New Moon day. The purpose of the puja is to fulfill the desire of the sponsor and to bless the sponsor’s departed ancestors.

In addition to bringing special and unique blessings, the Kamadhenu Puja will supports the upkeep and protection of our ashram cows. The cows provide milk, clarified butter and yogurt that are used in all of our yagyas.

Sponsorship for your puja is $45 for Individuals / $65 for Couples and $95 for Family of 4.

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