HariHar Lord Shiva & Vishnu Blessing Yagya Aug. 10, 2023

HariHar Yagya

Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu Blessing Yagya

August 10, 2024

Sponsorship $41 Individual / $65 Couple and $101 Family

On August 10 our pundits will be performing a special HariHar Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu Blessing Yagya. August is a special month this year for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu Blessings.

The Harihar Yagya promotes peace of mind, good health and removal of stress and worries. It protects from evil and harm.

Eleven of our pundits will perform the yagya. Please register early to ensure partcipation.

We warmly invite you to participate in this yagya. You may email bpkendra@gmail.com or register online using the link below. Sponsorship fees are $41 Individual / $65 Couple and $101 Family

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