Ganesh Removal of Obstacles Group Yagya on Sept. 19, 2023

Ganesh Birthday Group Yagya Sept. 19, 2023

Remove Obstacles & Promote Progress In Life

Individuals $41 / Couple $65 / Family of Four $101

Our pundits will be performing Ganesh Group Yagya to remove obstacles in daily & spiritual life. Ganesh yagya is also beneficial for the intentions below:

  • Removes obstacles and problems
  • Promotes progress in work and business
  • Improves health and energy
  • Promote education and success in studies
  • Harmony in Married Life

We welcome you to join this group yagya. 1 and 3 pundit individual yagyas are also available. Please contact us for details at Sponsorship for the group yagya is:

Individuals $41 / Couple $65 / Family of Four $101

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