Departed Ancestor and Loved Ones Yagya Sept. 29 -Oct. 14, 2023

An Invitation For

Ancestor and Departed Family Member Blessings Yagyas

During Annual Pitru Paksha Fortnight

Individual Yagyas Sept. 29 – Oct. 14, 2023

1 day/2 pundits $95

Pitru Paksha Ancestor Blessing Yagyas

Individual Yagya Options

(includes remembrance of 1-9 departed family members)

1 day/2 pundits $95

3 days/2 pundits $175

15 days/2 pundits $295

In the Vedic Tradition, Pitru Paksha or Departed Ancestor Fortnight is a yearly, two week period to honor our departed ancestors and loved ones. It is the special time of year when the doorway between worlds is open and it is possible to connect with our departed family members in a deep way. This year Pitru Paksha is Sept. 29-Oct. 14, 2023

Special yagyas are traditionally performed during Pitru Paksha to nourish and bless our departed loved ones and ancestors in the other world. By performing this yagya, we also simultaneously receive blessings from them in this world. 

The yagya can be performed for the departed line of ancestors of your family or it can be performed specifically for one departed family member or loved one.

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