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Letter From Pt. Satish Joshi Our Vedic Astrologer and Head Pundit

With the blessings of Goddess Saraswati I would like to let you know that we are going to organize Maha Shiva-Shakti World Peace Yagya from February 13, 2018 through October 13, 2018 i.e. for 242 days. 1, 11 and 30 Day

Why do we need such a big World PeaceYagya by 100 Pandits daily for 240 and more days?

Because we live in this world together-Vasudhaiv Kutumbhkam (the whole world is my family)- we all are related with one another. Some of our brothers and sisters of this big family are walking on negative path of life and trying to mislead and disturb the pure collective consciousness of the rest of the family members. These misguided family members are trying for World War III with their bad intentions, selfishness, and bankrupted mind power.

Also, from the side of Vedic Astrology  the year 2018 is bringing more negative energies. More natural calamities and man-made devastation are seen. Coming very soon in the future are a big challenges for the leaders of the world families.

The peace loving family members are not happy with these threats from their own other family members. They are finding solutions in a peace loving manner. They want some cosmic support to avert the danger being seen on the horizon. Goddess Saraswati has blessed us to offer World Peace Yagya to the world. It is really a big yagya to support in bringing peace in our homes, in our offices, in our societies, in our cities, states, countries and all the continents of the world.

We all should participate in this big yagya in whatever positive ways we can, through networking with friends, through using our mind power and through contributing our wealth.

This yagya is for all, for us, for our future generations-more on the World Peace Yagya

This World Peace Yagya is also called Shiv- Shakti Yagya. Shiva is the destroyer of negative thoughts and he brings peace and happiness and protects the people. Shakti is Mother Nature, the internal power of all. Her support is needed to nourish the positive thoughts and protect positive simple and honest people.

The Yagya will be performed by 100 trained and pure Vedic Pandits at our yagya center in Ujjain, India. The World Peace Yagya starts on February 13th, 2018  on Mahashiva Ratri, the special day of Lord Shiva. We kindly request your support now to start organizing.

Wishing you great peace and happiness in your lives!

Jai Shree Ganesh!

Your Cosmic Brother

Pandit Satish Joshi

Ujjain, India

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