virus protection

We are please to announce a monthly yagya series to help eradicate the virus pandemic.  The purpose and intention of the yagya will be the protection of ourselves, our families, communities and all people in the world in terms of health, finances and peace of mind. The yagya will be based on verses from Atharvaveda for protection from virus and disease.

The knowledge of the Veda contains an infinite wealth of support for the world in the form of mantras for maintaining health. Specific hymns from the Atharvaveda are for virus and germ eradication and will be used in our upcoming protection yagyas scheduled for August 20, September 21 and October 31. Sponsorship will be $41 for individuals / $65 for couples / $101 for Family. A discount 3 pack Virus Eradication Yagya rate for Aug., Sept and Oct. is also available : $90 for individuals / $151 for couples and $225 for families of 4.