Rahu Group Yagya
on April 2
Removal of Fear, Illusion and Obsession, Positive Planetary Report
Sponsorship: Individual $41 / Couple $65 / Family $101
Rahu is a malefic planet according to Vedic Astrology. Propitiating Rahu through yagya helps to protect the individual from Rahu’s negative effects of inertia, laziness, attachment, insatiable desire and ignorance. A balanced Rahu can help to fulfill desires for success and bestow prestige and power . Rahu yagya assists in removing fear, illusion and obsessive behavior. If you are currently in a Rahu major or sub planetary period this yagya is especially recommended.
On April 2, we are offering a Rahu group yagya. Anyone can participate in and enjoy the benefit of our monthly group planetary yagyas… regardless of their current planetary period.

The yagya sponsorship fees for the Rahu Group Yagya are $41 for individuals, $65 for couples and $101 for families.