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Nine Planet
Nine Planet

Nine Planet Unisex Bracelet


Nine Planet Bracelet (Unisex)

In Vedic Astrology there are nine gemstones believed to correspond to the activity of the planets and are beneficial to wear.  These are called Navaratna in Sanskrit and mean nine gems.  Navaratna gemstones have colors that correspond to each planet and are said to promote their positive influences and neutralize their negative influences.  This soothing combination of earth colored gemstones collected from around the world radiate balance, stability and protection.

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Standard Stretch Bracelet Size is – 7.25” for Women and 7.75-8” for Men. If you need a custom size please email bpkendra@gmail.com after you place your order online.

Sun – Red Garnet, Moon – Milky White Moonstone, Mercury – Olive Peridot, Mars – Red Jasper, Venus – Natural Rock Crystal, Jupiter – Yellow Tiger Eye, Saturn – Lapis Lazuli and Blue Durmortierite,  Rahu – Hessonite Garnet, and Ketu – Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye

Bhavana Pujan Kendra is featuring unique jewelry made from beautiful, high quality untreated gemstones and crystals gathered from around the world by jewelry designer Laura Evans. The natural beauty of the stones with their healing, planetary and chakra balancing qualities make enduring keepsake pieces that are a joy to wear. Laura’s thoughtful use of the gemstone combinations create lovely vibrations and visual delights. Many of her pieces are one of a kind. If you have any questions about the jewelry please feel free to comment.

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