MahaMrytunjaya Yantra


Size: 18'x18″

Mahamrytunjaya Yantra

Mahamrytunjaya Yantra dispels influence of malefic planets and brings overall protection. It bestows blessings of good health and long life.

50% of profit supports our schools in Tamil Nadu, India

This print is a high quality archival canvas and ink reproduction of an original wood and metal yantra. It is ready to be mounted and framed-no need to be framed under glass. Size 18″x 18″

Yantras are ancient geometric designs that concentrate and hold specific powers of the cosmos. They act as a conduit to connect human consciousness to its divine source. Gazing or mediating upon a particular yantra gives focus and enlivenment of the quality that it represents. The presence of a yantra in a room or office enlivens positive energy and purifies the atmosphere. These sacred forms can mitigate malevolent effects of the planets and increase their positive effects.

Peter Clemens- our artisan in Iowa employs precise Vedic formulas to create these sacred geometries that bestow timeless blessings. After creating a custom made yantra from wood and metal, he creates high quality print reproductions to be enjoyed in your home or office.

This yantra ships within one week of order placement



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