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Earth Element
Earth Element

Earth Element Renewal Bracelet


Earth Element Renewal Bracelet

Lovely Spring Green Peridot and Deep Purple Lepidolite with Silver Bracelet

Peridot is called a stone of growth, renewal, protection and cleansing. It emits warmth and positive energy encouraging one to stay focused on the positive people and circumstances in life. Governed by both the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, Peridot unites their energies. It brings clarity to the mind, inspires trust, provides protection and aids in detoxification of the body.

Lepidolite is a wonderful stone for lifting the spirit, promoting joy, gratitude and self-love. It is calming, relieves stress, helps mood swings, sleep and vibrates with the throat, heart and crown energy centers.

Standard Stretch Bracelet Size is – 7 to 7.25” for Women and  7.75-8” for Men. If you need a custom size please email bpkendra@gmail.com after you place your order online.  Please measure your wrist carefully and add 1/4” for a tighter fit and 1/2” for a loose fit.  All Jewelry sales are final so if you have questions about the fit please ask us in advance!

Jewelry is shipped via first class USPO mail

Bhavana Pujan Kendra is featuring unique jewelry made from beautiful, high quality untreated gemstones and crystals gathered from around the world by jewelry designer Laura Evans. The natural beauty of the stones with their healing, planetary and chakra balancing qualities make enduring keepsake pieces that are a joy to wear. Laura’s thoughtful use of the gemstone combinations create lovely vibrations and visual delights. Many of her pieces are one of a kind. If you have any questions about the jewelry please feel free to comment.


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