9 Planet Navaratna Necklace


Navaratna Necklace

In Vedic Astrology, there are nine gemstones that correspond to the activity of the planets and are beneficial to wear. These are called Navaratna in Sanskrit and mean nine gems.  This colorful and charming necklace contains high energy natural gemstones and pearls and can be worn daily for balance and protection and to support the positive planetary influences of health, wealth, happiness and spiritual growth. Navaratna jewelry is said to neutralize negative planetary influences by reflecting the colors and vibrations of the corresponding planets through the gems on the human body.  Only natural undyed and untreated high quality gemstones are used for this jewelry.

The high quality gemstones contained in this 18″ necklace and the corresponding planets are:

Sun – faceted Red Garnet

Moon – lovely Fresh Water Pearls

Mars – Orange Carnelian

Mercury – Green Peridot

Jupiter – Yellow Citrine

Venus – brilliant Quartz Crystal

Saturn- dark Blue Iolite

Rahu – oval and faceted Hessonite Garnet

Ketu – rare and exceptional micro faceted light green Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye

With white topaz and gold pyrite for extra sparkle and energy and finished with a 24K gold plated clasp.

“Wearing the necklace during meditation I felt a profound energy in my neck and head area”.A. H. 

“I felt a calmness straight away after putting on the necklace. And after a little while I felt a warmness start spreading around my throat and down my chest. It was a nice warm feeling.” C.T. Phoenix

50% of profit supports our schools in Tamil Nadu, India

Ships within 2 days of order. 

The above descriptions are the suggested uses of the stones.  Not all people feel the exact same benefits.



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