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2019D1 white tara

White Tara Goddess of Compassion


This stunning White Tara is 12″ x 15.5″ including a 0.5 ” red border (not shown). White Tara is the goddess of longevity and good health. She is also the goddess of compassion and is as benevolent as the Full Moon. This is a perfect painting to aid in meditation. She will also fill any room with grace and peace.

Sacred Art of Nepal paintings are hand-painted originals on canvas. There may be small differences in the website photo and the original that you receive for this reason . The paint used in our paintings is water soluble. Care should be taken to frame under glass for the long-life of the painting. Tibetan Buddhist paintings are not signed as they are considered works of devotion and offering to the Supreme. We unfortunately cannot offer exchanges or refunds.

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