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Happy Marriage/Partnership Yagya
Tulsi Vivah Yagya
November 5th, 2017
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Tulsi Vivah Yagya: Perfect Marriage/Partnership Yagya
Bhavana Pujan Kendra is happy to announce a new yagya opportunity for couples on the auspicious day of Tulsi Vivah, November 5th.

On this day love and devotion between couples is celebrated through a yagya that ceremonially marries the Holy Basil plant (Tulsi) to Lord Krishna. For full significance/history see below.

Our pundits will be performing a group Tulsi Vivah yagya on behalf of couples to enhance devotion, peacefulness, purity, compassion and love in marriage/partnership. The sponsorship is $75 for couples and you may register on-line at www.bhawnayagya.org. or call 641-919-2105 or email bpkendra@gmail.com . Please register as soon as possible and before Nov. 1st.

Significance of Tulsi Vivah Day

In ancient Vedic times, Vrinda was a woman deeply devoted to Lord Vishnu. There are many versions of the legend. However, the main belief is that through her devotion to God she was incarnated as the Tulsi plant or Holy Basil plant that blesses the earth eternally.

The Tulsi plant is venerated everywhere in Vedic Culture for its holy and medicinal qualities. It is a symbol of devotion, peace and love. Every year on Tulsi Vivah (Tulsi Wedding Day) the Tulsi plant is wedded to her beloved husband: Lord Vishnu in the form of Krishna. This yagya is performed on behalf of couples to enhance devotion,peacefulness, purity, compassion and love in marriage/partnership.