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Mother Divine Days Are Here
21 Pundit Maha Meru Shri Yantra Yagya
March 27, 2020
Wealth, Health, Spiritual and Material Success
Individual $51 / Couple $75 / Family $151*

We are happy to announce that we are offering for the first time the powerful Maha Meru Shri Yantra Yagya during the Nine Days of Mother Divine. The group yagya will be performed by 21 pundits on March 27, 2020.
The 3D golden Maha Meru Shri Yantra is an embodiment of Mother Divine. Our pundits will be reciting Shri Suktam the traditional Vedic text for wealth and abundance and Saundarya Lahari the traditional text for spiritual knowledge from Mother Divine during the Maha Meru Shri Yantra yantra.
The intention of the yagya is wealth, health and spiritual and material success. We hope that you can enjoy this special offering! Enjoy the group yagya at the following sponsorship : Individual $51 / Couple $75 / Family of Four* $151
*additional family members $20 each please
Special Intention
Maha Meru Shri Yantra Yagya Options
1 Pundit/1 Day $75 on March 27, 2020
1 Pundit/ 9 Day $301 on March 25 – April 2, 2020