Radha K
**Two New Yagyas**
One Affordable 
Sponsorship Cost
Gayatri Group Yagya 
Spiritual Energy and Enlightenment
on Gayatri Devi Birthday Aug. 25
Radha-Krishna Group Yagya 
Divine Love and Devotion
on Krishna’s Birthday Sept. 3rd
Sponsorship for Both Yagyas:
Individual $75
Couple $101
Family $151*
*Family of Four. Additional Family Members $25 each
Marie Viglas Director of Bhavana Pujan Kendra is traveling to India to meet with our pundits. We are organizing two new yagyas for the occasion! 
On Aug. 25th we invite you to participate in the Gayatri Protection Yagya. Gayatri Devi is the “Mother of the Veda” and she bestows spiritual energy and enlightenment. This yagya will provide the protection of the great Gayatri mantra-a universal prayer for Self-Awakening and Knowledge. 
The Radha- Krishna Yagya for Divine Love and Devotion will be held on Sept. 3rd. Marie will represent all yagya sponsors personally in this yagya.  Sept. 3rd is Lord Krishna’s Birthday. Krishna is the embodiment of Divine Love. His relationship with Shri Radha is the heart-melting example of devotion and spiritual love. This yagya will enliven richness of emotion and divine love in life.

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