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Lord Vishnu Armor of Protection Yagya on Sept. 26. Individual Yagyas by 2 or 4 Pundits. About every three years there is a special month of Lord Vishnu called Purushottama Maas. This is an ideal time for Lord Vishnu Yagyas. Our pundits will be offering the opportunity for a 2 or 4 Pundit Special Intention Yagya on Sept. 26.

Sept. 26 is one of the most powerful days of Lord Vishnu’s month for a Narayana Kavach or Lord Vishnu Protection Yagya. This yagya is an individual yagya not a group yagya. You may specify if you want the protection yagya for your health, your business, your family, your investments or wealth etc. The yagya involves the mantra for Divine Protection from Lord Vishnu that creates a powerful shield or armor of protection. The yagya sponsorship for the two pundit yagya is $95 and for the four pundit the cost is $151. Please register on line or email