mother divine
Mother Divine Days Are Here!
Invitation to Enjoy Wealth & Success Yagyas
Sept. 29 – Oct. 7, 2019
30 Pundit Chandi
Mother Divine Group Yagya
for Wealth and Success

30 of our pundits will perform the Mother Divine Group Chandi Yagya from Sept. 29 – Oct. 7. You are warmly invited to participate in our 9 day option from Sept. 29 to Oct. 7th or our 3 day option from Oct. 5 -7.

1 Day Option Sponsorship Costs On Oct. 4
Individual $45 / Couple $55 / Family $85
9 Day Option Sponsorship Costs From Sept. 29 – Oct. 7
Individual $175/ Couple $235 / Family $295
3 Day Option Sponsorship Costs From Oct. 5-7
Individual $75 / Couple $111 / Family $155
The festival of Mother Divine and the Chandi Mother Divine Yagya are divided into three parts. On the first three days, Mother Divine is invoked as the powerful force called Durga. Durga when lively in life, destroys all impurities, vices and defects. During the next set of three days, Mother Divine is invoked as giver of spiritual and material wealth – Lakshmi. The final set of three days, honor Mother Divine as the goddess of wisdom – Saraswati. All three of these aspects of Mother Divine are needed in life for success and happiness.
We welcome you to join our 30 pundit group yagya to enliven success, wealth and happiness in life!

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