The Moon is a benefic planet according to Vedic Astrology.  The Moon rules over those with Cancer rising sign. It can be beneficial to people with Taurus rising sign.  
The Moon signifies mind, mother, feelings, emotions. A balanced Moon in the chart bestows joy, peace of mind, affluence, and good mental power. Unbalanced or afflicted Moon gives rise to tension, mental illness, pessimistic or critical nature.
Our Moon Planetary Group Yagya on Jan. 26 will enhance the positive qualities of the Moon and protect from any negative influences from an afflicted Moon in the chart. It is recommended for those in a Moon major or minor period. Also anyone who wants to enhance the benefic influence of the Moon in life. 
On Jan. 26th our pundits will perform a Moon group planetary yagya for positive planetary influence. Anyone can participate in and enjoy the benefit of this Moon yagya… regardless of their chart or current planetary period. Contact us if you would like us to check your chart.
The yagya sponsorship fees for the Moon planetary yagya will be $41 for individuals, $65 for couples and $101 for families. The yagya will be performed by 5 or more pundits depending on the response we receive each month.
Please sign up for the Moon yagya by Jan. 26th .  Register/pay online at  or call  641-919-2105 or email

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