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Extra Special Midnight Wealth Yagya on Mahalakshmi Deepavali Day
November 14 is Mahalakshmi Day-the Day of the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance. The most auspicious time for yagya on Mahalakshmi Day is Midnight to 5 AM. Our pundits will be offering a Midnight Special Intention Individual Wealth Yagya. The sponsorship for the 1 pundit /1 day Midnight Wealth Yagya is regularly $195 and the early bird cost is $175 (Register by Oct. 31 for the $175 cost).
Here are the details of the Midnight to 5 AM Mahalakshmi Wealth Yagya
Special Light Offering Ceremony for Each Sponsor with 11 ghee lamps
Kanakadhara Wealth Suktam Recitation 11 times
Rig Veda Mahalakshmi Suktam Recitation 51 times
Shri Suktam Recitation Recitation 11 times
Ganesh Atharvashirsha Recitation 11 times
Purusha Suktam Recitation 11 times
Nine Planet Puja
Kubera God of Wealth Puja
5 AM Fire Yagya for Wealth