Mahamrytunjaya 50 Pundit
Perfect Health and Longevity Group Yagya
July 17 – Aug. 14, 2019
1 and 3  day options- details below

50 of our pundits are currently the group Mahamrytunjaya Perfect Health and Longevity Yagya from July 17 – Aug. 14th

View Video Clip of the yagya in progress

Shravan Month is Lord Shiva’s Month. This month is observed each year. This year the dates are July 17th through Aug. 14th. We invite you to participate in our 50 pundit group Mahamrytunjaya Yagya. Mahamrytunjaya is a powerful health and longevity yagya.

Mahamrytunjaya Yagya for Longevity and Perfect Health

1 Day Partcipation on  Aug. 9th : Indiv. $35 / Couple $50 / Family $75*
3 Day Participation on Aug. 11-13th: Indiv. $75 / Couple $111 / Family $130*

*Family Rate Includes 4 Individuals

Here are some of the special benefits especially supported by Mahamrytunjaya Yagya during Lord Shiva’s Shravan month.

1. Promotes long life
2. Supports health and removal of serious disease
3. Protection from accidents.
4. Removal of fear of death
5. Harmony, prosperity and peace
6. Spiritual progress.

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