Mahalakshmi 21 Pundit Group Wealth Yagya on April 10th
Sponsorship Indiv. $51 / Couple $75 /Family $151
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Happy Spring Mother Divine Days Are Coming! The Nine Days of Mother Divine begin on April 6 and continue through April 14th.

Our pundits will be performing a 21 pundit Mahalakshmi Wealth Yagya on April 10th. The intention of the yagya will be for material and spiritual abundance and prosperity. The sponsorship is $51 for individuals, $75 for couples and $151 for families. Register at

We are also offering individual yagyas for your specific intention such as business success, finding a new job etc. Please contact us at for registration.
9 day/ 1 pundit yagya sponsorship is $325
9 day/3 pundit yagya sponsorship is $625