AshtaLakshmi Eight Forms of Wealth Individual 1, 3 or 5 pundit yagyas will be performed on Mahalakshmi Day Oct. 27th in our ashram in Ujjain.
AshtaLakshmi Yagya invokes MahaLakshmi – Goddess of Spiritual and Material Abundance – in all of her eight forms: wealth, success ,nourishment, conveyances, offspring, victory, courage and spiritual knowledge.
This yagya bestows a full spectrum of abundance! The yagya will be held on the auspicious day of MahaLakshmi also known as Deepavali on October 27, 2019. Our group yagya is now filled but we still have opportunities to enroll for individual special intention yagyas. See below
Special Intention Individual AshtaLakshmi Yagya Also Available
1 Pundit $111
3 Pundits $201
5 pundits $295

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