2019D14 buddha
Lord Buddha’s Birthday Group Yagya
for Protection and Peace
May 7
$41 Individual / $ 65 Couple/ $101 Family
Lord Buddha was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu- the guardian of the manifest world. Lord Buddha renounced his kingdom and title to seek enlightenment. After attaining his goal he aspired to bring enlightenment to every person in the world. His message of compassion and selfless service to humanity brought Buddhism -a new religion into existence.
Our pundits will perform Vishnu Sahasranam Yagya or Thousand Names of Vishnu Yagya on Lord Buddha’s Birthday on May 7th. The intention of the yagya is to bless our sponsors with peace and protection in these challenging times. Please register early to ensure participation at www.bhawnayagya.org
Order one of our Tibetan Buddhist Spiritual Paintings before May 15th and receive a free 7″ x 7″ Mandala Painting as a gift to celebrate Lord Buddha’s Birthday. View Our Collection.

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