Jupiter Transit Group Yagya
April 20 , 2020
Positive Support / Transit Protection
Individual $41 / Couple $65 / Family $101


On April 20, 2020, our pundits will perform a group Jupiter Planetary Yagya for positive planetary influence for the transit of Jupiter into Capricorn. Jupiter will transit into Capricorn on March 30 and will remain there until the end of June and then will travel retrograde back into its own sign of Sagittarius.
People with Gemini (Mithuna), Aquarius (Kumbha) and Libra (Thula) Moon signs are especially advised for this yagya. However everyone can benefit from the Jupiter Transit yagya to smooth the transit and to enhance the qualities of Jupiter in their lives.
Jupiter is responsible for expanding knowledge, wisdom, spirituality and optimism. Jupiter bestows good fortune and wealth. A balanced Jupiter also protects against asthma, coughs, colds and other diseases related to the ayurvedic element of kapha. Jupiter is the lord of the chart for people with a Sagittarius or Pisces rising sign.
Participating in the group yagya is also beneficial if you are currently in a Jupiter major, secondary or third level planetary period, if Jupiter is lord of your chart, or if you have been recommended a Jupiter yagya by an astrologer.
The yagya sponsorship fees for the Jupiter planetary yagya will be $41 for individuals, $65 for couples and $101 for families.
Please register early to ensure participation. Register on line at www.bhawnayagya.org  or call 641-919-2105 or email bpkendra@gmail.com.