Bhavana Pujan Kendra is pleased to announce a new group yagya offering -the House Blessing Yagya- on the Day of the Divine Architect on Feb. 25. We welcome you to participate in a group House/Office Blessing Yagya or an individual House/Office Blessing Yagya.

This day of the Divine Architect is auspicious for house and office blessing because it is the birthday of Lord Vishwakarma who originated the science of  Vastu Shanti. This science describes how to build in accordance to Natural Law so that the building supports successful activity, happy relationships, good health and promotes prosperity for the family members or office workers. The group yagya will give a general blessing to the house occupant and the dwelling space using the yagya mantras for house blessing found in the Vedas. The individual yagya options  will use the same mantras but will be specifically for your home and office space.

The group yagya sponsorship fee will be $41 for Individuals/ $65 for Couples and $101 for Family. Please submit a photo of your home (preferably with you and any other family participants standing in the front of the house).

The individual House or Office Blessing yagyas are available in A, B or C level. Please contact us after paying online and we will send you an application for this yagya. A level is 9 Days by 7 Pundits and is $575, B level is 3 days by 7 pundits and is $395 and C level is 1 Day by 7 Pundits and is $225. This yagya clears negative energies from your dwelling or work space and creates an atmosphere supportive of health and well-being in the space. Please email us at or call us at 641-919-2105.