Holi Yagya: Yagya for Purity, Removal of Negative Karma,
Mend Relationships, Create Mutual Harmony
March 20, 2019
Register online at www.bhawnayagya.org
In the Vedic Tradition, Holi is a powerful day to destroy inner and outer negativity.

Yagyas performed on Holi promote purity, removal of negativity and negative karma, and victory of good over evil.

It is also a special day for yagya to repair broken relationships and promote good relationships. Another well supported intention on Holi- is development of higher states of consciousness.

Our pundits will be offering a group yagya on Holi. The sponsorship for the yagya is as follows:

Individual $41/ Couple $65/ Family $101

Please respond to this email or register online at www.bhawnayagya.org.

Please register early to avoid disappointment. Final registration is on March 15th.

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