Group Protection Yagya
Starting on Hanuman BirthdayApril 8-21, 2020
Atharvaveda Eradication of Virus Yagya
Individual $41 / Couple $65 / Family $101
 In light of the pandemic, our pundits are offering an 11 pundit group protection yagya from April 8 -21, 2020. This 13 day  yagya will be based on the Atharvada hymn for eradication of virus and health protection (listen to link below for the text).

We are hoping that with the very reduced sponsorship cost more people will be able to participate. Sponsorship is $41 for individual, $65 for Couple and $101 for family. Due to Covid-19 lockdown in India, this yagya will be performed from our pundits’ home altars. We are hoping that by April 15th, they will be able to shift back to the ashram.