Introducing 24 Hour Holy Ramayana Recitation Yagya for Haelth and Happy Life Protection on Lord Hanuman;’s Birthday April 27
April 27 is the birthday of the great Hanuman. Hanuman was the devoted attendant of Lord Rama-Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was a key player in the Ramayana and is renowned throughout the world for his devotion, courage and fearlessness.
On Hanuman’s Birthday  -thanks to the help of some very generous sponsors-we are offering a Ramayana Yagya- the entire Ramayana text recited by 11 pundits for 24 Hours Continuously. The recitation of the Ramayana brings thrills of bliss to the environment and creates once again for the world and each yagya participants the benefit of happy and healthy life protection.  Invoking the peace and beauty of  the great ruler Raja Ram a time in the history of the world where life was lived in harmony with Natural Law.

 April 27 Sponsorship Individual $41 / Couple $65 and Family $101