**Ganga River Birthday Yagya**
June 1, 2020
21 Pundit Group Yagya
Performed on the Ganges River
Yagya for Purification, Removing Negative Karma, Blessings from Ancestors
$51 Individuals / $75 Couples / $135 Family of Four
On June 1st- the Day of Ganga Dussehra- the River Ganges Birthday- 21 of our pundits will perform an extraordinary group yagya for purification and release of negative karma. The yagya will also bless our ancestors wherever they are in space and time.
This is the day in the Vedic calendar that the Goddess Ganga took form as the Ganges River and flowed down from heaven to purify humanity.
This will be one of the most powerful yagyas of the year.
Please register early to ensure participation-space is limited! Sponsorship is $51 for Individuals / $75 for Couples and $135 for Family of four. We kindly request $20 for each additional family member. We hope you can join.
Thank you very much and sending best wishes!