Ganesh Birthday is traditionally celebrated for a minimum of 10 days. We are offering the opportunity to enjoy a Daily Ganesh Group Yagya by 11 pundits. Ganesh Yagya helps to remove obstacles in daily and spiritual life. Ganesh Yagya helps students and promotes good education.
Ganesh Yagya for Progress in Life and Removing Obstacles
7 Day Participation
Individual $51 / Couple $65 / Family $75*
14 Day Participation
Individual $75 / Couple $95 / Family $115*
30 Day Participation
Individual $125 / Couple $150 / Family $175*
*Family Rate Includes up to 4 Individuals please
Here are some of the special benefits especially supported by Ganesh Yagya during Ganesh Birthday Celebration Month.
1. Removes obstacles
2. Promotes progress in work and business
3. Improves health and energy
4. Promote education and success in studies