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Lord Ganesh’s Birthday 
Sept. 13, 2018
Yagyas to Remove Obstacles and Insure Problem-Free Life
1 Pundit $71 / 3 Pundits $131 / 5 Pundits $210 *
*Couple and Family Rates Below
Ganeshchaturthi 3
badeganesh 2

Jai Ganesha Jai Ganesha!

Jai Ganesha Deva!
Mata Jaki Parvati!
Pita Maha Deva !
Hail to Lord Ganesha!
Hail to Lord Ganesha!
Whose Mother is the Divine Parvati! 
Whose Father is the Great Lord Shiva!
Significance of Lord Ganesh’s Birthday
Shri Ganesh Chaturthi on September 13, 2018 is the Vedic Holiday celebrating the birthday of Lord Ganesha – the Remover of Obstacles. Lord Ganesha is the principle forrce in the Universe that opens up the path to success and progress. Ganesh is invoked to  sharpen the intellect and boost support in attaining the goals in life– both material and divine. Yagyas on this day invoke Lord Ganesh’s power to create a problem free life!
Bhavana Pujan Kendra will be offering special intention yagyas on this powerful day. 
1 pundit Individual $71 / Couple $191/ Family $131
3 pundit Individual $131 / Couple $161/ Family $191
5 pundit Individual $210 / Couple $241 / Family $271
The following special intentions
are best supported on
 Shri Ganesh Chathurthi


  • Removal of obstacles/big problems
  • Good health
  • Business progress
  • Removal of fear
  • Increase wealth
  • Court case issues
  • Removal of obstacles in any area of life
Early registration is requested to facilitate the organization of the yagyas. Please register on line or by email by Sept. 10, 2018 at www.bhawnayagya.org or call 641-919-2105 or email bpkendra@gmail.com for registration details.