Fall Mother Divine Days 
Oct. 10-18th
Yagya for Success, Wealth, Abundance
1 day/ 1 Pundit $71
3 Day/1 Pundit  $151
9 Days/1 Pundit $325
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“Awaken the Goddess Power Within”
Register On-Line
Bhavana Pujan Kendra is pleased to announce the opportunity to schedule Mother Divine Chandi yagyas during the Fall Days of Mother Divine Oct. 10-18th
The intention of the yagyas will be for wealth, success and spiritual and material abundance.
The pundits of Bhavana Pujan Kendra will be performing individual Mother Divine Yagyas.   You may include your special intention.
The sponsorship options for the yagyas are as follows:
*1 Day/1 Pundit: Indiv. $71/ Couple $101/ Family $131
*3 Day/1 Pundit: Indiv. $151 / Couple $191/ Family $211
*9 Day/ 1 Pundit: Indiv. $325 / Couple $375 / Family $401
Please register by Oct 4th to ensure participation
Register at www. or email for more information. Thank you and wishing you all blessings during this spiritual and uplifting time! 

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