Free Weeks With 6 or 12 Month Subscription!
Invitation to Join Daily Yagya Program
on Feb. 1, 2020
Choose From Four Daily Yagya Options
  • Mahalakshmi for Wealth & Business Support
  • Mahamrytunjaya for Health Protection & Longevity
  • Ganesh for Removal of Obstacles, Support with Education
  • Rudrabhishek for Peace of Mind, Happiness & Good Health
Special Promotion:
2 weeks free with 6 month subscription &
4 weeks free with 12 month subscription!
Payment plan available for new one year subscriptions
$100 discount if you add a second subscription
(see below for details or email bpkendra@gmail.com)
Several times throughout the year, we offer free additional weeks when you join our daily yagya program. We have four ongoing daily yagya options – Mahalakshmi, Ganesh, Mahamrytunjaya and Rudrabhishek (see descriptions above). Our daily yagyas are performed each and every day by groups of 11 of our pundits.
Each person’s name and birth details are mentioned every day in the yagya ensuring a stable wave of support for each participant on an ongoing basis.
The daily yagya program is not a substitute for your recommended planetary yagyas however our participants report ongoing benefits of support of nature, happiness and success from the daily chanting on their behalf.
Year Long Subscription Payment Plan
We have introduced a 12 month payment plan option. The cost per month is: Individual $70 / Couple $95/ Family $125
You will be automatically billed this amount each month for a year. Please email us if you are interested and we can set up the automatic billing. We can only offer this plan for the year long commitment. The free month promotion does not apply for this option-sorry.
Daily Yagya Subscription Options Applies to your choice of any of the 4 options mentioned above
*1 month Daily Yagya : Individual $150 / Couple $195 / Family $230
*3 months Daily Yagya: Individual $350/ Couple $450/ Family $550
*6 months Daily Yagya (plus 2 weeks free) : Individual $495 / Couple $695/ Family $895
*12 months Daily Yagya (plus 1 month free): Individual $695/Couple$1050/Family $1395
Register online or email us at bpkendra@gmail.com
For a limited time, we are offering two free weeks of Daily Yagya (your choice) if you register for 6 months and one free month of daily yagya if you register for a year.
In addition, if you are already enrolled in one of our daily yagyas for a year, you will receive a $100 discount on your second subscription.

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