Pt. Satish Joshi Recites Krimi Nashanam Suktam of Atharvaveda
Our Vedic Astrologer and Head Pundit
The knowledge of the Veda contains an infinite wealth of support for the world in the form of mantras for maintaining health. The aim of this particular hymn from Atharvaveda is virus and germ eradication and is used in our protection yagyas. You are welcome to listen for your own protection and for the good of the world.
Krimi Nashanam Suktam (Virus Eradication Hymn)
Sanskrit, Transliteration and Meaning
उद्यन्नादित्यः क्रिमीन्हन्तु निम्रोचन्हन्तु रश्मिभिः ।
udyannādityaḥ krimīnhantu nimrocanhantu raśmibhiḥ |
ये अन्तः क्रिमयो गवि ॥ १ ॥
ye antaḥ krimayo gavi || 1 ||
May the sun as he rises up kill the virus with his rays and also while setting let him kill the virus. Let these rays destroy the virus that lives within the beings.
विश्वरूपं चतुरक्षं क्रिमिं सारङ्गमर्जुनम् ।
viśvarūpaṁ caturakṣaṁ krimiṁ sāraṅgamarjunam |
शृणाम्यस्य पृष्टीरपि वृश्चामि यच्छिरः ॥ २ ॥
śṛṇāmyasya pṛṣṭīrapi vṛścāmi yacchiraḥ || 2 ||
I destroy the structure of the virus and demolish the virus in all of its forms.
अत्रिवद्वः क्रिमयो हन्मि कण्ववज्जमदग्निवत् ।
atrivadvaḥ krimayo hanmi kaṇvavajjamadagnivat |
अगस्त्यस्य ब्रह्मणा सं पिनष्म्यहं क्रिमीन् ॥ ३ ॥
agastyasya brahmaṇā saṁ pinaṣmyahaṁ krimīn || 3 ||
Oh virus I will crush you in the same way as the Rishi Atri , Rishi Kanva and Rishi Jamadagni -the lords of cleanliness- crush you with a great grinder and with blazing fire. I crush you thoroughly with the knowledge of cleanliness.
हतो राजा क्रिमीणामुतैषां स्थपतिर्हतः ।
hato rājā krimīṇāmutaiṣāṁ sthapatirhataḥ |
हतो हतमाता क्रिमिर्हतभ्राता हतस्वसा ॥ ४ ॥
hato hatamātā krimirhatabhrātā hatasvasā || 4 ||
The king of the virus has been killed and their progenitor chieftain also is killed. The virus is killed along with his mother, his brothers and sisters.
हतासो अस्य वेशसो हतासः परिवेशसः ।
hatāso asya veśaso hatāsaḥ pariveśasaḥ |
अथो ये क्षुल्लका इव सर्वे ते क्रिमयो हताः ॥ ५ ॥
atho ye kṣullakā iva sarve te krimayo hatāḥ || 5 ||
Neighbors of the virus are killed along with the virus’ acquaintances. The subsidiary viruses and smaller viruses have been killed as well.
प्र ते शृणामि शृङ्गे याभ्यां वितुदायसि।
pra te śṛṇāmi śṛṅge yābhyāṁ vitudāyasi |
भिनद्मि ते कुषुम्भं यस्ते विषधानः ॥ ६ ॥
bhinadmi te kuṣumbhaṁ yaste viṣadhānaḥ || 6 ||
I crush your antennas with which you torment others and I pierce your vicious pouch which is the store of your poison.
*This email and information included is not meant as a cure or to replace observing mandated precautions in place for Covid-19