About Vedic Pandits

BhavanaPujan Kendra Center for Vedic Yagya and Jyotish was founded in 2007 to provide authentic Vedic Yagyas and Vedic Astrology consultations. Our yagyas are performed in our pundits’ ashram in the holy city of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. Ujjain is one of the four sacred cities of India.It is the home of the world famous MahakaleshwarJyotirlingam Temple andHar Siddhi Devi Temple as well as one of the four locations of the KumbhaMela.

About Our Vedic Astrologer/Jyotishi:

Vedic Astrology consultations are available from our expert, English-speaking Jyotishi: Pt. S. Joshi. Pundit Joshi comes from a long family line of learned astrologers. He has provided over 50, 000 astrology consultations to clientsworld-wide.

About Our Vedic Pundits:

Our pundits are well trained up to the ancient and purest Vedic standards. They practice meditation and the required Vedic prayers (Sandhya) three times daily as per tradition.

About Our Service:

We use the highest quality ingredients-ghee, herbs, fruits and flowers- in our yagyas. Our yagyas are monitored continuously throughout the day to insure highest quality performance. We have 121 pundits in our team.

What sets us apart:

You receive 40-50 photos of your yagya upon its completion

We provide complimentary birthday yagyas to our regular sponsors.

We have a yagya bonus program for our regular sponsors

We offer the capability of listening to your yagya LIVE upon request

We schedule large yagyas at holy spots around India including Jyotirlingam Temples and Devi Temples
Our guarantee that each and every yagya is performed with accuracy, devotion and attention to strict Vedic standards.