1000 Names of Vishnu Group Yagya
Deva Prabodhini– Laws of Nature Awakening Day
November 8th, 2019
Sponsorship $41 Individual / $65 Couple and $101 Family
The 1000 Names of Vishnu Yagya also known as Vishnusahasranam Yagya promotes peace of mind and removal of stress and worries. It protects from evil and harm. This yagya awakens spiritual knowledge. It promotes courage, fearlessness and leadership qualities.
Eleven of our pundits will perform a group 1000 Names of Vishnu yagya on the auspicious day of Deva Prabodhini on November 8th. On this day, the laws of Nature supported by Vishnu are enlivened after being dormant for the previous four months of the year.
We warmly invite you to participate in this yagya. You may email bpkendra@gmail.com or register online using the link below. Sponsorship fees are $41 Individual / $65 Couple and $101 Family
Thank you! Marie and Pundits

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