Vedic Astrologers are predicting that 2018 will again be a difficult and dangerous time for the world. To meet the need of creating positivity for the world and protection for our yagya sponsors, we are inaugurating an 8 month long,  100 Pundit World Peace & Individual Protection Yagya.
The first part of the yagya started on Lord Shiva’s Day (Shiva RatriFeb.13th and will continue until June 14, 2018. We are now registering for the first four months of the yagya.
Please go online to start your registration www.bhawnayagya.org.
Or contribute at Go Fund Me  
Each person who contributes will be included in the yagya.
There are three options available. 
  • 1 Day Per Month Individual $45/ Couple $65 / Family of Four $85
  • 11 Days Per Month Individual $140 / Couple $190/ Family of Four $250
  • 30 Days (Month Long) Individual $200 / Couple $275/ Family of Four $350
World Peace Meditations will be held in conjunction with the yagya. Opportunity to connect with the yagya via internet will also be available.
Envision World Peace
Meditate for World Peace 
Sponsor Peace Creating Pundits in 
Our 100 Pundit World Peace Yagya

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